Spring break please don’t go !!!😩

What is up my peeps?  it’s the week of Spring break and it’s already Thursday. I can’t believe it’s half way over. I work as a school secretary and the cool thing about my job is all this free time I get to spend with my family.  I get spring break off, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the whole entire Summer.  Talk about being blessed, yes I love it 😊.  Anyway today we are going on a little family outing to Frankie‘s fun park.

Funny thing is my daughter, who is now 13, does not want to go. All she wants to do is stay in her room and play her Sims game. Doing group chat on her iPad with her little junior high school besties, talking about the latest school gossip or their crushes. Basically, she’s at the age where she thinks her parents are ruining her life. She’d rather post selfies on Instagram and talk about boys. Now on the other hand my 4 year old son is very excited because he wants to ride on the go carts. Well let’s see how the day goes 👍🏾😊


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