OPERATION: Find what works for me🤔

Ugggh! So here I go again starting over on yet another diet. Two weeks ago I started the low-carb diet. I was losing great like 6 lbs in 1 week. But then I stalled. I’m right back at where I started. So, of course I binge eat in yesterday because it was a rough day. So I decided to re-think my diet strategy. I think I do better cutting calories. After I had my son I lost 50 lbs. Mainly I think it was due to cutting cals. I think I am going to do a mixture of keto,  moderate low carb, low cal dieting. So basically I will “attempt” to eat less than 50 carbs and no more than 1200- 1500 calories a day. I will mainly consume mostly meat and veggies, salads etc. Diet sodas if I’m craving a soda and sweet and low or stevia instead of the cals and carbs in sugar. This will allow me to save on calories and help me stay within my calorie range. I want to try to do at least 50-100 sit ups or crunches per night to eliminate my tummy and love handles. I got plans so I gotta look cute for the summer yall 😉 👙👗.  Until next post !

With Love,

Cee Cee


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