Me time !!!


Everyone needs a little “me” time in their life. Especially when it seems that everyone is working against them. You must realize that if God be for you then who can be against you. I woke up this morning not feeling very energetic just very lethargic, drained and exhausted. I just couldn’t get myself up to go to church so, I decided not go to my church but to stay at home and watch elevation church online. And boy I am so glad that I did because Pastor Steven Furtick just poured into my spirit what I feel I was searching for God to tell me.

Since starting this blog I was trying to hearfrom God for such a long time. I have just been feeling very discouraging when I get my hopes built up thinking it is going to work out something happens and it goes downhill and ask it discourage you might want to give up. But there is something that I feel that this is going to do. Right now I don’t know what I don’t well basically I don’t know how it’s going to happen but I know that God is who is going to make it happen. I can’t make it work on my own and I don’t know how it’s gonna work but I know that with God he is going to see this thing through. He will make something of this even though I can’t see right now but I have to hold onto my faith and know that God is working everything out.

So I’m just taking a “Me” day today and I’m going to reflect and not so much keep asking God to show me how things are gonna work, rather listen and let him tell me what he wants me to know. I’m just going to from this point on just kind of sit back and you know let things come to me in and let things just happen on their own the way God wants them to happen.

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