No Saturday morning coffee ☹️

So this morning I woke up and realized that I forgot to buy coffee last night. I was terribly disappointed when I could not I have my Saturday morning coffee. Ugggh….. just the thought of that rich creamy flavor form my hazelnut creamer and the aroma just lifting my spirits. My morning coffee gives me so much joy as I read and meditate on my scriptures and spend time with God. I was so disappointed and oh course I did not feel like going to the store because I did not have my coffee to give me that jolt I needed. But I made it through anyway I drunk some juice and the juice was very sugary so now I have a slight headache but it did perk me up a bit. I’m now out and about with my hubby and son. First stop after lunch is to Wally World to get my Great Value dark roast cup of Joe. 😊☕️



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