This One is for the “Bitter” People !

Ever liked someone and they did not like you back. I mean like a friendship like not so much as a love interest but they seem like they just did not like you for whatever reason. They just did not like you no matter what you do you, how big of a smile you flashed at them. Maybe you tried to offer them some candy, bake them some cookies or to go hang out or something of that nature but they still seemed like they just could not stand you. Well, I never understood why those type people are the way they are. You would think that because you are a nice person and you wouldn’t do anything to hurt them that they would treat you better. Perhaps they feel as if you are an annoying person or they just don’t want to befriend you.

Now all these feelings may be theirs and that’s OK. No one is obligated to like, talk to or hang out with anybody that they don’t want to. So my thing is why do those people have to be such bitter people? Honestly if you think of all of the signs they are really bitter people and the reason why is because they either are jealous of something that you have and they don’t have it or either perhaps they feel threatened by you. Don’t beat yourself up over these toxic people. Don’t try so hard to befriend them. God is keeping them away from you for a good reason.

When it comes down to it we all should just get along and be happy for one another. Bitter people need to stop having these jealousy, green eyed monster characteristics. We all need to support one another and be happy when good things happen for someone else. The Bible says we should “Wish only good for those who treat you badly. Ask God to bless them, not curse them. When others are happy, you should be happy with them. And when others are sad, you should be sad too.”

Romans 12:14-15 ERV

I hope this helps bring healing to all the broken people out there who have been hurt by bitter people .


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