👽Happy Star Wars Day👽

I cannot wait until the new Star Wars movie comes out 😂😂😂. Any other fans out there ???  

3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge~ Day 2

Hello, friends! I’ve been tagged to participate in the Three Quotes, Three Days Challenge by 1kindness2day.com. I’m so honored to participate. First I would like to thank the nominator, and now I will have to come up with three quotes – one a day for three consecutive days – and nominate three other bloggers each day … Continue reading 3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge~ Day 2

Mystery Blogger Award 🏆

Hello to all the wonderful bloggers out there: I am so very ecstatic right now. I feel such gratitude that I was thought worthy of being nominated for “The Mystery Blogger Award”.  Who would have ever thought that after a month of blogging I would have the privilege of being nominated for something this amazing. … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award 🏆