Monster Jam 2018

A day with the boys ... enjoying some good old loud monster trucks ! What are y'all up to this weekend ? #enjoyinglife #familyfun #monsterjam #monstertrucks #weekendfun

I’m a “free spirit” 🦋

Quite some time ago I came to the conclusion that I was a “free spirited person”. I cannot seem to stick to the rules. I cannot stand to be told what to do. No, I am not a disrespectful person but I do not like being ordered around like I am not able to do … Continue reading I’m a “free spirit” 🦋

3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge ~ Day 3

Hello, friends! I’ve been tagged to participate in the Three Quotes, Three Days Challenge by I’m so honored to participate. First I would like to thank the nominator, and now I will have to come up with three quotes – one a day for three consecutive days – and nominate three other bloggers each day … Continue reading 3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge ~ Day 3