I’m a “free spirit” 🦋

B8FAF851-E948-4989-BEFC-BE9CF438D21CQuite some time ago I came to the conclusion that I was a “free spirited person”. I cannot seem to stick to the rules. I cannot stand to be told what to do. No, I am not a disrespectful person but I do not like being ordered around like I am not able to do other things that can contribute to a cause. I am very passinate about learning about myself. I love to travel, reflect and write positive and encouraging things. I love life quotes and anything that expresses my feelings about a particular situation. If I get or feel the urge to go see a movie then I will do just that. I have to feed my inner self. I have to look for ways to feel inspired. I have thrive off of inspiration. Whether it be a song or a poem, a book or a quote. If it speaks to my soul I produce good things from it. I believe that I am meant to do something more that what I have been currently doing. I’m not 100 % sure of what it is yet but I do know that it involves inspiring others and uplifting people. What are your thoughts on free -spirited people?


2 thoughts on “I’m a “free spirit” 🦋

  1. Very cool! We have a lot in common. You just have the urge to keep learning, keep exploring and grow as much as possible, am I right?! Free spirits follow the path less traveled, not just to be different, but to discover more!

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