I never knew a love like this !


A mothers love reaches far and wide. She will stay up late with you when you are sick even though she is tired and has to get up at 5:30 the next morning to go to work. She cannot rest if you are not feeling well. She will go without so that you can have. She will pray for you even when you think she is not thinking of you. She worries about your well-being and safety 24-7. If someone hurts you it hurts her just as bad. She will defend you to the ends of the earth. Nothing in the world can compare to a mothers love. Take some time this weekend and reflect on all the times your mom has been there for you. Through the good, the bad, sickness, health, birthdays, your wedding day, child birth, pregnancy, breakups, makeups, job loss, heartaches and pain. Β 



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