If you can’t say anything nice ….

Sometimes people can really get on your nerves. No matter how hard you tried to be nice to them and be helpful to them they still seem to just give you their butt to kiss. It is best to not react to things that people say and get things escalated because that creates more tension, more anger and more confusion therefore it is best to kind of take the highroad and be the bigger person. Being in my mid-30s now I have seen different size of myself a better thought of myself actually but is the more confident side of myself that can really give me into trouble if I am too outspoken. I’m not sure who I didn’t have this side of me but when I was younger when I needed to have this side of me but it’s very refreshing but is also very tricky. I will see use it at times when I’m being taken advantage of but what do you do when you being taken advantage of in your own job do you risk people looking at you the wrong way or do you still stand up for what you believe in? So in all honesty when people get on your nerves and start doing things to take you out of your character, don’t stoop to their level.

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