It’s the little things 👌🏾

Sometimes you don’t know that you’ve got till it’s gone. You take the little necessities in life for granted. Well recently our air conditioning unit went out late Saturday night. Let me tell you something I will NEVER,  EVER  take air conditioning for granted again. It has been 89 degrees here in South Carolina but due to humidity had been feeling like 99. We didn’t have energy to do anything but lay around the house. We didn’t even have much of an appetite. My family was completely miserable. Our bodies could not relax or cool off. It took in until 2 am to get to sleep forcefully.  But thanks be to God our unit was restored today. I wanted to cry I was so relieved. Now I can have the energy and to help by daughter finish packing for her trip to Vegas for the summer. Moral of the story…. don’t overlook the little things in life 😉

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