Discovering myself

Lately I have been on a journey to discover my true self. I have been finding out who I am. It truly has been enlightening and intriguing. I find that I enjoy learning more about me. I spend so much time taking care of my family that I never realized I was neglecting myself. I found that meditation is good for me and has made a difference in my life and personality. I’m much calmer and happier and peaceful. Herbal teas and vitamins are wonderful and beneficial for me. Taking time to treat myself to a nice healthy meal. Listening to Neosoul, Jazz or Gospel uplifts my spirits. I also love my aromatherapy and drinking coffee ☕️. I enjoy reading info about my zodiac sign- Virgo. Most of all getting up warmly in the AM – 3:30-4:00 is a necessity now of mine. I find I need this time to prepare my mind for the work day. Going to bed early is a goal of mine which is hard to do with a 4 year old that never gets sleepy at night 🙄. Anyway, praying and reading my Bible is what I do early in the morning as I find it hard to do it during the work day of course and the evening times. So basically since turning 37. I’m more mature, accept less BS. I’m taking time to value myself. Older wiser I guess is what they call it. Well I hope this inspires you to seek out your true self. I’m sure you will find discover some interesting facts.

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