Thankful 🙏🏾

Lord i’m thankful for my blessings
everything that you gave 
Times when danger was around me
My life lord you saved
Where would I be without your love
Where would I be without your grace
You didn’t have to do it but I’m glad you did – excerpt from Mary Mary- Thankful
Lord I’m so thankful for everything that you have blessed me with. First of all you blessed me with a priceless relationship with you. My 2 beautiful children Adrianna and Mike Jr. My college sweetheart, soulmate and best friend – my husband Michael. My daughter has all As this quarter. My mother who always is there for me and my kids. My family who I can laugh and joke with. The good times we have during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Netflix binge watches with my hubby 😂. My job as Secretary. My wonderful bosses!!! Shot out to DQ-RIP😇, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Goff & Mr. Williams. I’m so blessed to have all these wonderful things and people in my life!!!
What are you thankful for today ?

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