What Matters Most !!!

So the past 2 weeks have been the most, STRESSFUL, AGGRAVATING, FRUSTRATING, TEDIOUS times of my life in 5 years. My child was sick and we could not figure out why. It’s been 5 trips to the ER and 3 trips to the physician’s office. Only 2 of the times the doctor and nurses seemed to really be seriously concerned with my sons condition. Can you imagine not knowing what to do when your child is sick and the medical help you depend on has no clue what to do. It was only after we requested an XRAY that we discovered he has pneumonia in both his lungs. I was so afraid of not being able to get him well. A very active child could barely move or hold anything in his stomach. IV fluids and antibiotics had to be administered to him and numerous shots given. I was so scared for his life. I mean here I am and it’s nearly Thanksgiving AND Christmas time and my child is sick and how can I enjoy the holidays like this? If your child is sick you literally cannot function. With all the stress of worrying over him and staying 8 or more hours in ER’s and up at night. No sleep and missing work and a decent healthy meal for nutrition so I can keep going. Living on coffee to give me energy to make it through. My son now has gotten stronger antibiotics to help him and he is now being more alert and playful. We still have to go back to a new Pediatrician for follow-up next week.We still have a ways to go but I thank God for the doctors and nurses that did take the time to show care and concern for him and not be so much in a hurry to get back to their lunch or move on to the next patient without thoroughly examining a 5 year old. So after all this craziness in 2 weeks. What really matters most is family. My children are my life. I cannot imagine my life without them. Yes they are a challenge but I only want the best in life for them. Im so happy to do things with them over the holidays. Just our family time together is so special to me. We’ve created so many memories over the years. My husband has been such a wonderful support to our children and myself. My mom and sister have been such great caretakers while I am at work. I thank God for them. My aunts and cousins have been so great in keeping up encouraged and praying for us. So right now, I feel like the richest woman on earth. Having my family, my co-workers and boss being supportive during this time means so much to me. I may not have won the lottery , yet but I am truly rich with the love of family and colleagues. 

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