What happened if one day sun suddenly disappeared…

Amaring random facts and theories

All the planet that move around the sun get free from suns gravitational field and moves in there respected direction. And the solar system lose his existence.

Effect on earth…

1- After the 8 + min , we can actually realise that the sun is missing and that too only in half side of the earth because light take 8+ min to reach earth from sun.

2- After the disappearance of sun in few day it will have no effect on us .life goes on similarly but only sun doesn’t shine but we can use the resources present on earth to glow lights but thes resources only available for a month

3- After a week all the small plants start dying because of lack of sunlight the cannot produce their own food by photosynthesis. And with in a months big tree also die

4- Due to the lack of tress…

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