Welcome to your Venus Day !!! 😍

It’s Friday ❤️❤️❤️

I love how detailed the information is on “Cafe Astrology”. It’s like setting down in a lovely quaint cafe with a delicious cup of ☕️ and but instead of reading the newspaper you read about all things astrology 🔭. Alright so let’s get started.

So Friday’s are know as Venus days. If you were born on a Friday, you might find your joy in the planet Venus. Words that describe Venus are attractive, harmonious, and loving.

Friday-born individuals seek balance, comfort, peace, and harmony. This sounds like my sort of thing 👍🏾. They are charming, tactful, pleasant, and tasteful. Those born on Friday have an eye for anything that’s out of order, and they’re expert at balancing and leveling things out. I was not born on a Friday, however this truly resonates with me 100%.

If Venus is strong in your natal chart, it’s even more likely that you identify with these characteristics. Similarly, the sign of your Venus can take on more strength and importance. (What’s your Venus sign?)

The energies of Friday can encourage our social side, desire to harmonize, and instincts to create and share. It’s a good time for pleasurable, indulgent, and pleasing activities.

So in short, enjoy your Venus day. The day of love and make the most of it. Some key take aways for the day are that of take time to show and express love, connect with others, feel a sense of belonging, explore your passion and romance. 💕 So go on that date or do something romantic with your significant other. Remember, Venus is the day of love !!!!!

Sources referenced : http://www.cafeastrology.com.

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