Have hope !!! 🙂 🙏🏾

Wanted to share this inspirational thought with you all. No matter how things look right now. There’s always hope for the future and in the little things.

432 Hz | Infinite Abundance of the Universe | Attract Love, Money and Abundance

432 Hz, otherwise known as Verdi’s A, was the music tuning standard prior to today’s tuning of 440 Hz. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_H6nuROx1lA

Manifesting Crystals 101 – Green Adventurine #3

Back in 2018 I had lost my dream job and I was looking to get another position I was interest in previously. So I got a small “green aventurine” stone and kept it in my left pocket and the job I desired came to pass along with me visualizing and feeling abs actually seeing myself … Continue reading Manifesting Crystals 101 – Green Adventurine #3

The Carnelian Healing/Manifesting Crystal

# 2 Carnelian I personally use carnelian to create an inner confidence in me and to attract good luck. When I am feeling down and simply not good enough, I slide my beautiful rustic looking orange crystal bracelet onto my left arm to receive its benefits.

Healing Crystals 101 – Citrine

One of my favorite “Go To” crystals is Citrine. It is worn - to attract good luck. This Crystal can also help to heal your intestine or gut area from irritable bowel disease. The color is yellow which represents the yellow in your Solar Plexus.

Stones of the Zodiac

Rich rising my loves ❤️😊Check out this lovely resource I found that listed all the stones based on your zodiac sign. Hope this helps With Love, Cee Cee Credit: The Crystal Directory by Sarah Bartlett