Have hope !!! 🙂 🙏🏾

Wanted to share this inspirational thought with you all. No matter how things look right now. There’s always hope for the future and in the little things.

432 Hz | Infinite Abundance of the Universe | Attract Love, Money and Abundance

432 Hz, otherwise known as Verdi’s A, was the music tuning standard prior to today’s tuning of 440 Hz. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_H6nuROx1lA

Manifesting Crystals 101 – Green Adventurine #3

Back in 2018 I had lost my dream job and I was looking to get another position I was interest in previously. So I got a small “green aventurine” stone and kept it in my left pocket and the job I desired came to pass along with me visualizing and feeling abs actually seeing myself … Continue reading Manifesting Crystals 101 – Green Adventurine #3

The Carnelian Healing/Manifesting Crystal

# 2 Carnelian I personally use carnelian to create an inner confidence in me and to attract good luck. When I am feeling down and simply not good enough, I slide my beautiful rustic looking orange crystal bracelet onto my left arm to receive its benefits.