“Acting” as if vs “Feeling” as if

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION AND HOW IT RESPONDS TO ACTING AS IF !!! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/love-your-life-law-of-attraction/id1327660465?i=1000568728104

Have hope !!! 🙂 🙏🏾

Wanted to share this inspirational thought with you all. No matter how things look right now. There’s always hope for the future and in the little things.

432 Hz | Infinite Abundance of the Universe | Attract Love, Money and Abundance

432 Hz, otherwise known as Verdi’s A, was the music tuning standard prior to today’s tuning of 440 Hz. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_H6nuROx1lA

Release negative emotions with Michael Losier 🚫

Emotion code healer/ Law of Attraction guru Michael Losier. https://www.clubhouse.com/room/Pb767a0y?utm_medium=ch_room_xerc&utm_campaign=l1NE6atFit6lh3Xwo5bp_A-266884

Books that have changed my life 📚

📕 Attracting Your Life - Mija Bradford📗 The 4 Agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz📘 Law of Attraction- Michael Losier📙 Boundaries - Dr. Henry Cloud📕 Ask and It Is Given - Esther & Jerry Hicks