“Florida University”

Never leave your future in the hands of someone else. Strive to be in control of your own destiny !

The past month and a half have been pure h-e-l-l for me. I have been mislead by people in my life that I looked up to and honored. I have learned to not be so trusting towards man and to have my guard up. I also have learned to be more humble. God never created me to be a gossiper, loud mouth, criticizer or negative complaining person. Yet, here I am caught up in a mess that I don’t belong in. This path that I am on now is not how God intended my life to go. With this being said, I will take a step back and try my best to get back on the right track. I’m disappointed but I will rise again and in the mean time to the snakes in the grass I say “Florida University” to you !!!

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