Here’s to turning 4️⃣0️⃣ !!!

So last Tuesday I celebrated my 40th birthday. I was reluctant about the whole ordeal. I actually got sick the night of my birthday with a terrible migraine. A week later I am just recovering and starting to feel like myself again. During my unforgettable 40th birthday week, I had lots of time to reflect and think about what I want the rest of my life to look like. I reflected on my childhood how I had struggles, but boy did the good times outweigh the bad. Memorable Christmases. My mother’s delicious dinners. How she did so much with the little she had and made sure we never went hungry. She encouraged us when we were down and did fun things with us. Everybody holiday was celebrated. We decorated for Christmas and watched Christmas movies. So many memories of the good childhood I had.

My teen years were far from perfect, but I was content with my family. Our own special times of listening to music, watching music video’s, cook outs. Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings with all the fixings. Laughing and talking with my high school friends and crushes. My favorite TV shows and church got me through the hard times. I graduated High School, got my Cosmetologist license and went to College. In college I had so many wonderful times. Met some people who become my life long friends. One even became my husband. I pledged and became a member of a sorority. I graduated college and became a mother. My first heartbeat my daughter. I had lots of fun after becoming a mother. I made many friends and did lots of partying in my 20s. I traveled a lot and truly enjoyed my life.

Now I have a son and I am focused on helping him be the best man he can be someday. I have been thinking that I want to finish out my life with ease. I seek and desire peace and abundance. I desire to see my children succeed in life and be healthy and happy. I desire to be in good health and leave a legacy for my children to help them begin their adult lives. I desire to see them be establish, self-sufficient adults. Then and only then will be at peace with leaving them when the time comes. I desire to spend more time with my mother. I want to travel to Paris and UK. I desire to learn to skate, swim and achieve my weight loss goal. I desire to own my dream home and my dream car. I desire to be free of stipulations and confinement’s of society and live the life of my dreams exploring the most beautiful and luxurious destination in the world. I desire to go have a Night at Dizzy s in NYC. Listening and bobbing my head, closing my eyes and sway my fingers to the beat of smooth jazz sounds as I sip on a refreshing drink and nibble on Hors d’Oeuvres and /or appetizers. Moral of the story enjoy your youth because it comes to an end quickly. My kind feels like 16 but my body is starting to reassure me that I am aging. Nevertheless I am grateful for my past and learning to accept my present. Moral of the story enjoy your youth !!!

With love , Cee Cee

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