3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge ~ Day 3


Hello, friends!

I’ve been tagged to participate in the Three Quotes, Three Days Challenge by 1kindness2day.com. I’m so honored to participate. First I would like to thank the nominator, and now I will have to come up with three quotes – one a day for three consecutive days – and nominate three other bloggers each day to fulfill the same task.

Now here’s where I’m going to take some creative liberties. Because attempting to choose six bloggers each day will annihilate my decision-making cells, I am going to nominate one blogger each day. Each of them is a new friend who has stopped by to say hi, so thank you for visiting and I hope you will enjoy this fun challenge. I assure you wholeheartedly there is no obligation to participate if you’d rather not. And we’ll still be friends. I hope 😊

The blogger I nominate today is:


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